The Jones Creek Bookkeeping Difference:

  • Proactive: I monitor your transactions on a daily basis and provide you with 3 financial statements each month that will guide you toward achieving your business goals 
  • Communication: Fast, open communication is a must!  I will respond to your questions and concerns within 24 business hours. I will also collaborate with your CPA to provide you with the most accurate bookkeeping service possible.
  • Profit orientation: I want you to succeed! I will help your business grow and become more profitable with down to earth interpretations of your financial statements.
  • Organization: Your financials will always be in order--not just at tax time. You will save money on CPA fees and avoid late filing of your taxes. I'll also help you eliminate IRS red flags that could lead to your business being audited.

If you're currently doing your own books, or considering hiring an in-house bookkeeper, then you should seriously investigate the time and money saving benefits of a remote bookkeeper.  If this sounds like the right step for your practice, keep reading below to see if you and I would be a great business match!

You should consider hiring a great bookkeeper if:

  • You find yourself spending what you had hoped would be your free time or family time sorting through endless receipts and bank statements
  • You're not sure if your business is profitable, or you're not sure how profitable, or you don't think that you can increase your profitability
  • You only think about bookkeeping around tax time
  • You lack a budget and clear plan for the future of your practice
  • You're not confident in your fees or you feel that you're morally wrong in charging the fees that you actually deserve
  • You're confused by what an income statement or balance sheet is and what the data on those statements means
  • You have a hard time trying to figure out where all of your hard-earned money is going
  • You feel as though you have to keep working harder in hopes that the money will take care of itself

So, are you going to make your business more profitable than you could ever imagine?

I can help you get there.  I want nothing more than to help you reach your business goals and attain the lifestyle that you desire.  You can reach your goals! All you need to do is believe that you can do it and reach out to those who can help you get there.  Let me handle your books so that you can own the business of your dreams as well as live the life of your dreams!